DragonVale Guide: App Game Tips, Tricks, and New Dragons

DragonVale Guide: App Game Tips, Tricks, and New Dragons


    Do you want to know how to breed Rare Dragons on DragonVale? 

On this page, you will find DragonVale Tips, Tricks, and New Dragon     breeding information along with links to my other DragonVale pages.

If you would like to learn how to breed some of the older dragons, please     visit my Hybrid and Rare Dragon Pages.

Note: All images taken from in app screen shots unless otherwise     noted.

DragonVale Pages

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What is DragonVale?

Learn about DragonVale here:

  • What is       DragonVale?

    Have you played DragonVale before? If you haven’t you are missing out       on a great game, and did I mention that it’s free to play? DragonVale is a       simulation…



My DragonVale Pages


DragonVale “Basic Elements”

(Primary Dragons)

What are the Basic Element Dragons? 

There are 8 basic element dragons on DragonVale: Plant, Earth, Fire, Cold,   Lightning, Water, Metal, and Air.

These dragons can be breed with each other to produce new hybrid dragons.

Learn more about the Basic Element Dragons here.

Basic Element Dragon List:

8 Primary Dragons

Plant, Earth, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Water, Metal, and Air

DragonVale Hybrid Dragon Breeding Guide

Learn How to Breed Hybrid Dragons

Breeding two “Basic Element” Dragons together produces a hybrid dragon. Some   of the hybrid dragons can be more difficult to breed because they contain   opposite elements. 

Learn how to breed all of the Hybrid Dragons here including the dragons   that contain opposite elements such as the Blue Fire, Sandstorm, Dodo,   Frostfire, Ironwood, Plasma, Current, and Malachite Dragon.

DragonVale Hybrid Breeding Guide

Hybrid Dragon List:

Tree, Flower, Lava, Moss, Poison, Mountain,Blue Fire, Frostfire, Lichen,   Evergreen, Cactus, Firefly, Scorch, Crystal, Quake, Storm, Ice, Iceberg, Mud,   Swamp, Seaweed, Current, Plasma, Sonic, Snow, Blazing, Willow, Pollen, Fog,   Sandstorm, Dodo, Iron, Brass, Mine, Magnetic, Rust, Chrome, Steel, Copper,   Forge, Quicksilver, Malachite, and Scoria

DragonVale Rare Dragon Breeding Guide

Learn How to Breed “Rare Element” Dragons

Do you have all of these dragons: Olympus Dragons, Seasonal Dragon, Sun   Dragon, Moon Dragon, and Rainbow Dragon? 

In my DragonVale Rare Dragons Breeding Guide, you will learn how to breed   all of the rare dragons on DragonVale.

Rare Element Dragon List:

Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Gemstone Dragons, Treasure Dragons, Olympus Dragons,   and Seasonal

DragonVale Gemstone Dragon Breeding Guide

Learn How to Breed Gemstone Dragons

Collection of DragonVale Gemstone Dragons! 

Gemstone Dragons can be bred through unique combinations, a new gemstone   dragon is released each month.

Learn how to breed all of the gemstone dragons here, and participate in   some fun polls!

Gemstone Dragon List:

Sapphire, Peridot, Ruby, Pearl, and Emerald

Gemstone Dragon Pages

  • Collection of DragonVale Gemstone Dragons

    Do you like the new Gemstone Dragons on DragonVale? Do you like the new       Opal Dragon? On this page, you will find a collection of all of the       gemstone dragons…

  • DragonVale November Topaz Gemstone Dragon

    Do you have the new Topaz Gemstone Dragon yet? Do you know how to breed       it? Learn how to breed the November Topaz Gemstone Dragon here! A new       gemstone dragon…

  • DragonVale September Sapphire Gemstone Dragon

    Are you going to try to get the new Sapphire Gemstone Dragon? A new       gemstone dragon is released on DragonVale each month. The Sapphire       Gemstone Dragon can only…

  • DragonVale Opal October Gemstone Dragon

    Opal is the October Gemstone Dragon on DragonVale! Learn how to breed       this gemstone dragon here! A new gemstone dragon will be released each       month. One of…

  • August Peridot Dragonvale Gemstone Dragon

    Do you want to breed for the new Peridot Gemstone Dragon? The Peridot       Gemstone Dragon has been released!!! What do you think of it? You can find       out how to…


DragonVale Limited Dragons

Seasonal, Holiday, and Gemstone Dragons

What are Limited Dragons? 

Limited Dragons on DragonVale are all of the dragons that are only   available for a limited time. This includes the new monthly Gemstone Dragons,   Holidays Dragons, and other Seasonal Dragons.

Learn more about the Limited Dragons here.

Limited Dragon List:

Bone, Equinox, Paper, Blue Moon, Solstice, Sakura, Panlong, Butterfly,   Bloom, Firework, Leap Year, Love, Clover, and Reindeer Dragon

Find DragonVale Friends

Do You Want More Friends and Gems on DragonVale?

On my DragonVale GameCenter Friends List page, you will find other DragonVale   players that are also looking for more friends. 

Please also add your own GameCenter user name to list list!

Adding friends is a quick and easy way to get both free gems and dragon   cash.

Check back often as the friends list grows!

Find DragonVale Friends
Add me to your GameCenter: my User Name is kolander22

DragonVale Tips and Tricks

  • 1
        Add lots of Friends to get Gems!
    Find More DragonVale Friends Here!
  • 2
        Save Gems to get an Epic Breeding Island which increases chances of breeding     the dragons you want!
  • 3
        The Panlong Dragon has the same breeding combination as the Rainbow Dragon.
  • 4
        The game knows that when you breed Plant then Earth, you’re trying to     get the Tree Dragon, so it will sometimes give you the Moss Dragon instead.     I have found that breeding them backwards (example- Earth then     Plant), will give you the dragon you actually want!

Lots of Tips!

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Fast Way to Get Rare Dragons

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Secrets About the Rainbow Dragon

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